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Monday, May 18, 2009

One Line Winners!

First of all, I'd like to shout out a big thank you to literary agent Brendan Deneen for judging 300 entries. Brendan, you rock!

Without further ado, I give you the winners:

Submission of one chapter & a synopsis, if you have one

#10 Retrieving a priceless sword buried in a mysterious sculpture garden is 14 year old Emma Walker's answer to her family's financial problems, but when she pulls it from the earth where it lay buried for decades, the sword sends her back in time where Emma must battle the man who created the magic sword to stay alive and save the future.

#14 After an attempt on his life, Ben Grange and his friends are thrown headlong into a conflict that they don’t entirely understand, leaving them alone to deal with issues of loyalty, friendship and responsibility in this A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE meets THE HILLS young adult epic fantasy.

#20 The day the world ends, a young man's battle against a mythological evil begins.

#22 A widowed farmer's efforts to build a new life and safely raise his daughter are irrevocably destroyed when his daughter is killed and he pleads guilty to a crime he didn’t commit in order to reach the man in prison who murdered her.

#25 When Grace’s ranger father disappears, she uses her wilderness survival skills to uncover a conspiracy that threatens the nature of her beloved mountains and her chance at first love.

#26 As a freshman, Alex MacLaren has never had a sword tear open her flesh, seen razor-sharp ice daggers shatter against a magical shield nor stared into the smiling face of pure evil, and she’s certainly never been coronated LordHeir before millions, abducted by her closest friend nor sexually craved another woman, yet all that would change the day she sat next to Kara on a plane bound for Chicago.

#33 An amateur Victorian magician had the key to returning Grace to her home in the 24th century - if only they can find where it got to.

#36 In "Apocalypse School," mousey, tomboyish Reena and football captain Zack tumble into a time-space warp inside their junior high where they discover a long-missing classmate, and the three must stop the bizarre,lost world from expanding before they can find their way home.

#38 Young, handsome portfolio manager with Harvard MBA and narcolepsy blows whistle on secret society of top 50 hedge funds controlling $1.2 trillion who meet at Harvard Club to invest money for the Bildergberg Group by rigging stock markets in Wall Street meets The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

#45 Jim Colburn has sold the company that he and his darling wife Allie founded twenty years ago, and he is set to live out his life, in the perfect way, with the two thing he loves, his airplane and Allie, until the engine explodes over the forest in Mississippi,when the airplane goes down the night mare begins.


Submission of 3 chapters & a synopsis, if you have one

#7 As the victims of a local serial killer begin to haunt 17 year old Rachel Bronson, she must overcome her fears of the supernatural in order to help them, deal with her involvement in a love triangle between two bitter enemies, and also try to escape the grasp of the murderer in this SIXTH SENSE meets GHOST paranormal thriller.

#8 Gangs, blood oaths and loyalty test three teenagers searching for a kidnapped sister in post-apocalyptic London, unaware that as they unravel the mystery of her whereabouts, they are uncovering London's darkest secret.

#40 Seventeen-year-old Tyford Hayes is the resourceful Sixth Sense kid operating in the high-tech grunge of Minority Report—the only one of his kind who can help the dead find peace; the catch is the dead aren't dead, not yet, that is—they are simply marked for it, providing Ty a narrow window of opportunity to intervene on their behalf.

#42 What would happen when you cross Holden Caulfield with James Bond?

#46 Seeing the future is cool, but changing the future is cooler; who wouldn't become a sixteen-year-old super villain?

Submission of whole book & a synopsis, if you have one

#32 She spent six years undercover, in the murky world of black market weapons, to find her husband’s killer and avenge his death – only to come face to face with him on the wrong side of an arms deal.

Please note that the numbers with the pitches correspond to the list of 50 semi-finalists and will help me contact each of you. That's right, no need to comment or email anyone, I WILL CONTACT YOU TO LET YOU KNOW HOW TO SUBMIT TO BRENDAN DENEEN!

I'd like to thank everyone for participating and wish you all a heartfelt congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting the contest.

Ashley N said...

Wow, a lot of those really pulled the attention, but man the winner REALLY made me want to read it! Excellent sentence!

Andrew Rosenberg said...

Congrats to the winners.
Question about the winning line: does "with him" refer to the killer or maybe her undead husband?
If it's the latter I'm hooked.

~Jamie said...
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Rachael said...

Congrats to all the winners!

Danyelle L. said...

Congratulations to the winners!

Yamile said...

Congratulations readers! All of you sound awesome!

Michelle McLean said...

Congrats to the winners!!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I find it a little disappointing that two of the winners had semi colons - which according to Joanna (from the precious comp) are full stops. So they were not single sentences.

Several of the winners, as well as others shortlisted, also had grammar and other mistakes (for example the word "coronate" which does not exist)

Unknown said...

I'm with Denis here. I don't write any of the genres in question so I didn't take part. But I tried a one sentence pitch for my story as an exercise. Excellent exercise I must say. I enjoyed doing it.

But I took care to make it ONE sentence as required, I didn't "cheat" as some of the winners did. And I must say that I'd really be pissed off if I'd been knocked out by competitors who didn't follow the rules. And whose presentation was less than strictly grammatical.

Unknown said...

Hey Michelle

It isn't so much that the winners cheated. It was more that Brendan used a different set of rules to evaluate the pitches.

Hell, I put in an entry myself ... which followed the guidelines set out by Joanna.

I will definitely use that sentence for future "hook" letters.

So for me at least it was overall a useful exercise - well, it may turn out to be if an agent takes notice of my query letter...

rainbowriter said...

As one of the semi-finalists knocked out by folks who didn't follow the rules, I'm not overly surprised. There were some really good teasers which made me want to read the rest, but there were a few....gimme a break. It isn't the first time any of us have seen agents do the exact opposite of what they post on their websites.

cameron said...

Congrats all! Wow, there are some books I really want to read now!

lapetus999 - the winning entry was mine, and "him" referred to the undead husband :) I debated "him" or "supposedly-dead husband" for quite a while. Thank you!

AnnHymanWrites said...

I was disappointed that the contest didn't include non-fiction.

AnnHymanWrites said...

I was disappointed the contest didn't include non-fiction....is one in the works?

Suzette Saxton said...

Good idea, Ann. We'll keep that in mind for future contests. The agent gets to choose what they see, but perhaps we can find one who reps non-fiction specifically.