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Monday, May 12, 2008


It is really great to see so many success stories on the main site at Querytracker.net. The goal when we started this site was to give writers more accurate methods of gaining representation, and after a year on the Web, it is clear that we have done that. Thank you to all of you who plugged in your data and helped the rest of us. You can follow along with some of our successful authors as they travel the road to publication by visiting the Querytracker forum. Jessica Verday is often online giving us updates on her book, "The Hollow," the first in an amazing new series due to be released by Simon and Schuster in 2009. You can also find updates and things about Jess in general on her blog: http://jessicaverday.blogspot.com

Other members on the forum have procured representation, sold short stories, or just celebrated the completion of a new novel. All these things are a measure of success, and your successes are our successes. So as we venture into our second year here at Querytracker.net, we want to say thank you, both for being a part of our first year, and for giving us our own measure of recognition by voting for us as one of Writer's Digest's top 101 websites for writers. We are proud of that recognition, and we are proud of you! Keep writing!!

Patrick and Jason