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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Carnival Game - Anagram Anarchy!

Welcome to the wonderful world of ANAGRAMS!

This game is fairly simple and tons of fun :D Below I have 15 anagrams listed for you. Each phrase unscrambles into a querying and writing related term.

Here are a couple examples:

Natural Fads Pills = Partials and Fulls
Egocentric Ferns Win = writing conferences

Just click on the Carnival Tent to go to the online submission form and submit your answers! Submissions will be open until Wednesday May 27th. So get your entries in!


The prizes include a critique of your query by awesome agent Kae Tienstra, a one year premium membership to QueryTracker, and a copy of Steve Weber's Plug Your Book: Online Book Marketing for Authors.

First place winner will get first choice, Second place winner second choice, and Third place winner will get the remaining prize.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, June 2nd. Don't forget to send in your nominations for our QueryTracker king and queen. Just email Suzette (her address is in the sidebar on the right). Details for that contest can be found HERE. Good luck and have fun!!!

Solve the Anagram!

1. Teachers nag

2. Stiff vipers age

3. Ill nasal updrafts

4. Serene grunge band

5. Rotund cow

6. Eject forlorn termites

7. In font of citric onion

8. Matron standoffs

9. Innocence grew first

10. Deb is using limousines

11. Rotary hug phobia

12. A Millionaire Slam

13. Replayed Snore Quiz

14. Hello Nook Religion

15. Hmm Remember Quip Tips

Click HERE or click on the Carnival Tent below to enter your answers! Remember, your entry in this game also enters you in the drawing for the grand prize of a FREE CUSTOM DESIGNED WEBSITE, courtesy of Purple Squirrel Web Design.

Michelle McLean writes YA fiction, children’s picture books, and adult non-fiction, and has been published in three Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She holds a B.S. in History and a M.A. in English. If her nose isn’t stuck in a book somewhere, you might want to check her pulse.


Stina said...

I suck big time at solving puzzles like these. Maybe my nine year old will have more luck (and patience) than I will. Guess I know what I'll be doing while my 5 year old is playing with playdoh today. ;) If you don't receive my entry, it's because I gave up and decided to sculpt a likeness of Nathan Bransford out of playdoh instead.

Good luck everyone!

jdsanc said...

Boy was I having a great time with this. Heart racing, fingers pumping. Until the last one. Now totally stuck. I know I'm going to hate myself when I find out the answer.

Michelle McLean said...

Awww, I have faith in you, my awesome QT readers! :) You can do it!! :D

kerribookwriter said...

You've done better than me JD! I was very eager and gave myself high fives for each one I solved. Didn't you all say these were "easy"? I'd hate to see the tough ones!

Now, I'm down to 3 that I cannot get! Doh! Insert head slap!

Michelle McLean said...

Well they ARE easy if you are the one that made them :D Actually, when I said the game was "fairly simple" I was referring to the rules ;-) Come on, I have to challenge those fabulous minds of yours!! Just picture me on the sidelines with my QT pom poms waving - "YOU CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT, GO WRITERS GO!!" ;-D

jdsanc said...

Kerri, I'm no joke still in my robe determined to conquer, but I don't think it's happening. Checked the spelling of the last clue five times already. Head slap is a definite option now.

Good luck to you!

Stina said...

So what happens, Michelle, if more than three people solve all 15 (though that's not me right now)?

Michelle McLean said...

As we assumed there probably would be more than 3 people who would answer all the questions correctly, the only fair way to choose the winners is by random drawing. However, the people drawn do have to have all 15 correct to win.

Incomplete entries do still qualify you as an entry in the grand prize drawing. But if you've already submitted your entries incomplete and would like to spend more time on them, you can email me with your QT username and I can remove your submission so you can reenter for a chance to win the prizes for this game.

jdsanc said...

Thanks, Michelle. Can you sign me up for a resubmit? I'm jdsanc. Another few hours, and I know I'll get it!

Patrick said...

OK jdcoughlin, you've been reset and can now re-enter. Good luck.

kerribookwriter said...


I DID IT! Just finished the anagrams from beyond! Whew! You're a tough cookie, drill sargeant!

Thanks for all the cheerleading along the way, though. That's what kept me going. You believed in me!

I also dreamt about these letters all night! LOL

Michelle McLean said...

Kerri, YAY!!!!!! WAY TO GO!! See, told ya you could do it ;-)

Corey Schwartz said...

UGHH! Got 13. The other two are driving me crazy!

Michelle McLean said...

Remember, these are all words and phrases that you can find on the QueryTracker main site and forum. So if you get stuck, scroll around QT for a bit and see if that helps :)

Abby Annis said...

What time do entries close? I just need #13 but I don't want to miss out on the website entry because I wait too long.

Patrick said...

Abby, entries will be taken until midnight tonight (mountain time). God luck.