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Friday, March 19, 2010

Publishing Pulse: 3/19/2010

Important Reminder

Because the main QueryTracker site (and forum) have grown so much lately (thank you, everyone!), they now need a dedicated server. Patrick will be doing the upgrade over the weekend.  The main site will go down Saturday morning and be back up as soon as he can manage it, though he's given us an outside time estimate of 24-48 hours. We'll be able to keep you posted here on the blog with any breaking news!

New and Updated Agents on QT

Joyce Holland of D4EO Literary Agency is looking for mystery, romance, thrillers, and scifi.

David Patterson of Foundry Literary + Media is looking for general and narrative nonfiction.

Around the Web

Following up on her post from last week about why the oft-given advice to start your story with action may actually backfire, Jane Friedman and Sharon Cousins added some tidbits to help you better understand how to make said action significant enough to draw the reader into the story.

Want to build your blog?  Our own Elana Johnson dishes up practical advice for making it big in the blogosphere on her personal (and very popular!) blog.

Moonrat over at Editorial Ass provides some much-needed advice on getting published the right way and explains why attempts to cut corners can be hazardous to your publishing future.

Moonrat also offers a comprehensive look at how the book submission process works from the publisher's point of view, from the book coming through the door to the sale.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the links Carolyn - I love Elana's blog and thought Moonrat's post on publishing was great (especially her link to Aprilynne's story).

Thanks to Patrick for doing such a great job with this site. Happy Friday to all! :)

Stina said...

Thanks, Carolyn, for the links! Loved Elana's advice and Moonrat's insight into the process by which a book is sold.

Elana Johnson said...

Aw, thanks C for the linkage! You rule. :)

Lydia Kang said...

Great stuff, thanks Carolyn!