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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Contest with Jason Yarn Closed

Thanks for a great contest! The 100 entries were reached yesterday, and Mr. Yarn is NOT taking entries directly. If you wish to query him, please read his submission guidelines and do so in the traditional manner.

Looking forward to the results in a couple of weeks!


Sarah Ahiers said...

I'm so excited to see who the winners are!

Annemarie Bogart said...

I'd be more excited if I would have been invited in time :(

Unknown said...

Thanks again Query Tracker Team! I had a blast entering (please see my blog for the details - http://cynthiawatson.blogspot.com/).

Thanks for caring about us!

Conda Douglas said...

Good exercise--the one sentence!

Matthew MacNish said...

What fun - as Suzette pointed out on my blog - this is great practice for writing a concise query letter. It's something that is often overlooked and can really affect success.

Thanks for holding the contest QT!