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Friday, October 9, 2009

Publishing Pulse 10/9/09

Happy Friday! Lately I've been hearing from our blog readers that they are exclusively querying agents listed here in the Pulse with much success. And today I have several new leads to report:

Sarah Heller of the Helen Heller Agency represents an internationally best selling list, specializing in first fiction, with a focus on high end commercial adult and YA fiction.

Terra Chalberg of the Susan Golumb Literary Agency is seeking commercial fiction, literary fiction, offbeat/quirky, and short story collections. In non-fiction she is seeking biography and memoirs, business and finance, history and military, journalism, narrative, science and technology, travel, and women's issues.

Monika Verma of the Levine Greenberg Agency is looking for a wide variety of material. From the LG website: Monika keeps a special place in her heart for pop culture, humor, narrative non-fiction, fashion, foodie, and music titles. She loves to represent books that makes people's lives just a few degrees sunnier, be those quirky memoirs, satirical humor collections, or old-fashioned cookbooks. On the fiction side, she stays up far too late reading literary mysteries and suspense, especially those from across the pond (some of her favorites are Kate Atkinson and Benjamin Black). She often suspects that she was born in the wrong century, and loves books that give her a window into an older way of life.

Erin Edmison of the Karpfingers Agency is accepting queries for literary fiction, multicultural fiction, offbeat/quirky, and short story collections. In non-fiction she represents biography and memoirs, celebrity, pop culture, music film and entertainment, cultural/social issues, current affairs and politics, history and military, journalism, multicultural, narrative, science and technology, travel, and women's issues.

Lucinda Blumenfeld
with Fletcher & Company is interested in representing journalists, specialists, and emerging, young voices. Specific categories include: narrative and prescriptive nonfiction, business, memoir, YA, cultural studies, commercial and literary fiction.

And last but not least, Jason Yarn with Paradigm Agency is looking for just about everything but Children's. (Check out his QT profile for a complete list.)

Now head on over to the brand new Query Tracker and start querying! And be sure to mention in your query that we sent you. *wink*

On the Web:

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Have a fantastic weekend!

Suzette Saxton writes books for tots, teens, and in-betweens. She is represented by Suzie Townsend of FinePrint Literary.

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