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Friday, October 23, 2009

Publishing Pulse 10/23/09

New Literary Agents

Gwendolyn Heasley of Artists and Artisans represents the following:

  • Young Adult

Naomi Hackenberg of The Elaine P. English Literary Agency represents:

  • Young Adult.

Diana Flegal of the Hartline Literary Agency represents:

  • Religion and Spirituality

Amanda Lewis of the Doe Coover Agency represents:

  • Children's
  • Middle Grade
  • Young Adult

Yishai Seidman of the Dunow, Carlson, and Lerner Literary Agency represents:

  • General Fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Thrillers/Suspense
  • Celebrity, Pop Culture, Music, Film & Entertainment
  • Sports

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This is your last chance to submit material to Blooming Tree Press for the Bloom Award. Open to unpublished authors of Middle Grade Mystery/Adventure Who-Done-It (fiction only), the winner will receive a publishing contract. Contest deadline is Halloween.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Suzette Saxton writes books for tots, teens, and in-betweens. She is represented by Suzie Townsend of FinePrint Literary.


Unknown said...

Kit's post was a hilarious way to start my Friday. Thanks for all the links and have a great weekend.

Suzette Saxton said...

I'm glad you liked it!

Stina said...

I loved Kit's post. I couldn't stop laughing. *wipes tears from cheeks*