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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Next Contest!

That's right. We're having a contest next Monday, January 18. Yes, I know it's a holiday. So get your submissions ready now!

Agent: Emmanuelle Morgen at Judith Erlich Literary Management.

Read what she represents here.

Genres for this contest: romance and urban fantasy (no YA).

Of course if you read her query guidelines, and she reps another genre you write, by all means, query her! But for this contest, the genres are limited to romance and urban fantasy.

What to have ready: a one-paragraph blurb about the book and the first two pages of your completed MS. Pat will have the submission form up and running on the day of the contest. (And yes, there will be another post that will have the link for you that day.)

WHICH IS MONDAY, JANUARY 18. Not today, okay? Okay.

The submission form will go live at 9 AM EST, and only the first 50 entries will be accepted. So get your one-paragraph blurb ready. And your first two pages. Ms. Morgen will be requesting material from the contest entries.

Questions? Comment or toss me an email: elanajohnson@querytracker.net


Kim said...

Another contest - YAY! What if you have a YA romance? Submit or not?

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, fantastic! Will see what I've got...I know there's a UF somewhere in my computer! LOL!

Good luck to all the entrants!

Unknown said...

Bummer - I write YA. Oh well, best of luck to the contestants.

Stina said...

kimysworld--YA romance is still YA. Which means neither of us can enter. ;)

Brooklyn Ann said...

Oh, boy, I just queried her with a historical paranormal romance...I wonder if I can still enter.

Kim said...

Stina, according to her website she does take YA romance. If we cannot enter, then I guess we can just query her!

Elana Johnson said...

Yes, kimysworld, we're trying to cater to some other folks here at the QT blog. So this contest isn't open for YA entries. And yes, query her according to her query guidelines.

Annarkie, I would lean toward...when did you query? She's usually pretty fast on the response times, I think.


Brooklyn Ann said...

I queried her on the fourth. Crossing my fingers. I've heard nothing but great things about her.

Tere Kirkland said...

LOL, I think you're going to be getting some pretty long paragraphs. ;)

Do you think the neighborhood of 250 words is too long?

Good luck to everyone who submits!

Stephanie McGee said...

Good luck to everyone who enters!