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Friday, September 11, 2009

Publishing Pulse 9/11/09

New and Updated Agents:
Literary agent Terry Burns was added to QT’s database as an agent for Harline Literary. Mr. Burns is looking for a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, so check out his profile.

Did you know Patrick updates agent profiles regularly? *sheepish grin * I didn’t. I’ve been checking for new agents weekly, but I had no idea I could simply scroll down and there would be a list of agents that have recently updated their profiles, genres, mailing addresses, how they accept submissions, and/or websites and links. Since August 2, 34 agents have been updated. Thanks Pat!

Hot Publishing Links: 

Chuck on the Guide to Literary Agents blog has started an Author 101 Series with “What Agents Hate.”

Check it out. There is a similar list here, transcribed from a keynote address given by Wendy Loggia at a SCBWI conference on why your manuscript got rejected. Valuable information for any author looking to find success in publishing.

And this one, a “Blast from the Past” post by Hallie Ephron.

I found The Ten Commandments of Blogging quite informative, well-written with just the right amount of humor, and absolutely true. Thanks Pimp My Novel!

Worried about your biography? Your lack of publishing credits? Read this post by Jessica Faust to ease the panic.

Thinking you can write full-time? Read this post by Rachelle Gardner to really examine the issue. Oh, and this one too.

If you missed Nathan Bransford’s Writer Appreciation Week, go back and check it out. I especially liked this post on the pre-published writer.

Have a great week!


Stina said...

Great post as usual, Elana! Wendy's talk was very informative. She has rejected authors (and not just their mss) because of comments they've made on the Internet. She googles all potential clients to see if they will be difficult to work with. So like Mom always said, "if you can't say anything nice . . . "

Diana Paz said...

Nice work as always, thanks!

Regina Quentin said...

Elana, y'all have such a great blog here! Thank you for your post; it is very informative. Wish I'd discovered this blog sooner.

That plagiarism (just realized I don't often have to spell that word) post was a great read as well.

The Ten Commandments of Blogging link was funny and true. Thanks for all the info.

Tara McClendon said...

Great info. I'll have to check out the links.

Tess said...

Love the Friday Publishing Pulse over here - great links, thanks!