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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Interview with Jessica Verday, Author of THE HOLLOW

It's September 1! That means that it's release day for Jessica Verday and her debut novel, THE HOLLOW! Jessica was QueryTracker.net's first success story interview, so she holds a special place in history. And she was kind enough to answer some questions for us today.

How did you start writing?
During middle school I started lots of stories but I never thought of getting them published. Then in my early twenties I started two other novels with the intention of getting them published; one was a romance and one was a dark chick-lit. The Hollow was the first one I finished, so I decided to give it a go and the rest is history.

Please tell us about your road to publication.

I sent out about 2 dozen queries, received 4 offers of representation, after a slight round of edits, the book was sent out and the next day we had our first offer. Less than a week later the book went to auction.

You have written a book that includes The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Could you tell us a bit about what inspired you to write it?

I've always loved The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, and I loved the Tim Burton movie; Sleepy Hollow. When I heard Abbey's voice in my head, I decided to take a trip to the real town in New York. And it all came together from there.

What are you working on now?

I just finished book 2, so I’ll be starting something new and different soon, but I haven’t decided which idea to go with.

What is the hardest/least favorite part of being a writer?

All the waiting and not knowing.

What is your favorite part about being a writer?

Getting emails from people who say they loved my book.

Do you have a quote that motivates you?

No. Any suggestions?

What is your writing routine?

I don’t really have one, I just write. Depending on how much time I have on my deadline, sometimes it’s every day, every other day or every week.

What is your advice to new or unpublished writers? 
The most important thing I can tell you is, finish your book. No one will publish a half written book and they won't wait around for you to finish it. So if you actually complete your novel, you're ten steps ahead of everyone else.
What kinds of things do you do to promote your books? Did you do anything before you found an agent? If so, what?

Other than making a couple of book trailers, I didn’t really do anything before finding an agent. Besides that, I tried to reach out to fans online and via a “Get the Goods” page on my website.

And there you have it! Now, I've been lucky enough to read THE HOLLOW already, and trust me people, it's fantastic! You can order your copy here or head to the bookstore today and pick one up. Jess has a cool contest on her blog. When you snap a picture of THE HOLLOW in a bookstore, you could win a T-shirt!

Thanks Jess, for answering our questions. Happy Release Day!


Rebecca Knight said...

YAY!! Congrats, Jessica :D. It's fantastic to see a success story coming to fruition. I just ordered from Amazon yesterday, and am excited to sit down and read my first QueryTracker novel!

Rock on!

Tere Kirkland said...

Great interview! Is it possible to be filled with pride for someone you don't even know? Because I am.

Went to buy it today, except the books have not gotten to our Borders here yet. Sure, they have a gajillion marked-down copies of Catching Fire, but no The Hollow. They assure me the books are in transit and they'll email me when they arrive at the store, but I can't wait that long!!

Congrats again!!

* said...
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* said...

Great interview. Inspiring suggestions. And her book sounds divine!

Suzette Saxton said...

Congratulations, Jessica!

Fantastic interview, Elana.