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Friday, September 4, 2009

Publishing Pulse 09-04-09

Agent Blog Posts of Note:

Jessica of BookEnds sheds some light on some interesting rights twists: translation rights for a language(s) in which the author is fluent and the often-asked question whether authors should worry about brand names in their work.

Feeling unloved? Head over to Nathan Bransford's blog to celebrate Writer Appreciation Week.

Rachelle Gardner posted some encouraging thoughts on trends in publishing.

In Other Industry News:

Eric on Pimp My Novel posted a list of Ten Blogging Commandments. He also takes a hard look at Self Publishing.

Amazon opposed Google's digital library plans.

Can you picture Spiderman with mouse ears? Disney bought Marvel Comics

Moonrat posted about the bittersweet parting of authors and editors

Have a great weekend, everyone!

H. L. Dyer, M.D. writes women's fiction and works as the Clinical and Academic Director for the Hospitalist Program at a pediatric teaching hospital near Chicago. In addition to all things literary, she enjoys experimental cooking and composing impromptu parodies to annoy close friends and family. Click to visit her personal blog, Trying to Do the Write Thing.


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