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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Targeting Agents Who Will Want Your Partial

Sending out queries can be grueling, and when you hit upon an agent who wants a partial, it can feel like you've struck gold. And of course, once you've gotten a taste for that gold, you want some more! So how do you figure out which other agents will be likely to request partials? Well, you could throw darts at a list of agents (which probably won't do you much good), or you can take advantage of QueryTracker's Similar Tastes Report.

Here's how we do it: By tracking which agents have requested particular manuscripts, we can compile a list of agents who tend to like the same books. In other words, since Agent A liked your query enough to request a partial, and since these other agents like the same kinds of things as Agent A, you know that querying these other agents should result in some read requests.

Even better?  You can filter the Similar Tastes results by genre, making it possible to get even more detailed results.

The Similar Tastes Report is available to premium members, and can be viewed by going to an agent's profile and clicking the "Reports & Statistics" tab. From there, select the Similar Tastes Report and your chosen genre and click "Generate Report".

Have you used the Similar Tastes Report yet?  Let us know what you think, and of course we're always open to your suggestions for new QT features!

Carolyn Kaufman, PsyD writes fantasy, scifi, and nonfiction. She loves helping writers "get their psych right" in their stories, and her book on the same topic, THE WRITER'S GUIDE TO PSYCHOLOGY: How to Write Accurately About Psychological Disorders, Clinical Treatment, and Human Behavior is now available for pre-order. Learn more about the book at the WGTP website or ask your own psychology and fiction question here.


Stina said...

Perfect timing, Carolyn. Though I wish there was way to figure out the subgenres of YA. :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Oh, this is good to know! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I'm querying right now, so I'm off to check this out! :-)

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Awesome! I'm off to do this now !! :)

Julie Anne Lindsey said...

This is such a huge help! I was querying a Christian YA manuscript and finding agents for that genre was tough. QT always seems to have the most current and awesome advice for me. This post was more of QT's greatness. Thanks!

Blee Bonn said...

Ooh, this is cool information!


Jan said...

Thanks for posting. I didn’t realize that report existed!