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Friday, October 22, 2010

Publishing Pulse: 10/22/2010

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So I was in Michaels (the craft store) the other day, and they were setting up the Christmas stuff.  I guess I should be impressed that it took them almost to Halloween to get to it -- a lot of places start getting out the trees come the first week in October.

In any case, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or something else, holidays are the season for gifts!  If you (or a writing buddy) have always wanted a premium membership to QueryTracker, the holidays are a good excuse to get one!  Did you know that you can purchase, print, snail mail, or email a QueryTracker.net gift certificate from http://querytracker.net/gifts.php?

Agent Judged Contest on the QueryTracker Blog!

Don't forget! Our next contest will be on October 27th and will be for writers of children's projects only, including middle grade and young adult fiction as well as work for younger readers down to picture books. Agent Joan Paquette from the Erin Murphy Literary Agency has agreed to be our judge. This is a great opportunity to get your work in front of Ms. Paquette because she does not accept queries outside of referrals or personal contact (conferences). Details on the contest can be found here.

Around the Web

Jane Friedman has a couple of great posts for you to check out over on There Are No Rules: First, find out 5 Things Writers Should Know About Rights; then, head on over to Kindle Singles: A Big Opportunity for Smart Writers to find out about a new opportunity through Amazon.com.

Ever wanted to use symbols in your story, but just weren't sure how to do it right?  Now you can find out thanks to Novel Journey's fantastic Symbols for Everyone post.

Adventures in Children's Publishing shows you when it's okay to tell -- as long as you've got great voice -- in Voice and the Art of Telling vs. Showing.

Finally, over on the Blood-Red Pencil, read about how one author learned that Sex is Revealing...about, to her surprise, character.

Did you find any posts (written by other people) this week that you thought were particularly good?  Share them in the comments!

Carolyn Kaufman, PsyD writes fantasy, scifi, and nonfiction. She loves helping writers "get their psych right" in their stories, and her book on the same topic, THE WRITER'S GUIDE TO PSYCHOLOGY: How to Write Accurately About Psychological Disorders, Clinical Treatment, and Human Behavior is now available for pre-order. Learn more about the book at the WGTP website or ask your own psychology and fiction question here.


Lydia Kang said...

Thank you Carolyn! Great links here. I wish I had a project ready for the contest. My timing is always off!

Carolyn Kaufman | @CMKaufman said...

Keep plugging away at whatever you're working on! We'll have another contest soon! :)