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Friday, July 3, 2009

Publishing Pulse

Okay, I've been out of touch with the online world for going on two weeks now. It's hard. But I've spent some time reading this blog (amazing!) and I feel all caught up again. Hopefully, these weekly Publishing Pulses help you keep your finger on what's going on around the Interwebs, even when you unplug, go camping and/or fall behind.

New and Updated Agents:

Rachel Sussman at the Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary Agency. As an agent, she is actively looking for clients in the areas of literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, memoir, psychology, sociology, science, popular culture, and inspirational/motivational self-help.

Stephanie MacLean at Trident Media Group, LLC. She is now collaborating with Robert Gottlieb and Kimberly Whalen and is now actively seeking Romance, Women’s Fiction and Young Adult.

Tricia Davey has opened her own literary agency, Davey Literary and Media Management. Check out her temporary Publisher’s Marketplace page for all the deets.

Literary Agent Hoopla:

Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner had some real gems this week. Check out this post on How Much Editing Can an Agent Do? and this one on How to Build Traffic on your Blog. That's part 2, and you can check out part 1 here.

Jessica Faust talks about Repitching Agents.

Nathan Bransford is having a Guest Post Fest next week. Be sure to check it out!

Kristin Nelson gives you 15 good (or bad) reasons to make sure you write the best query you can before sending it out. 15 out of 2625.

Three Reasons You Need An Agent by Mollie Glick (as told to Chuck on the Guide to Literary Agents blog). By the way, if you aren't following that blog, you should be. Chuck's got two new features going on over there. "Successful Queries" and "How I Got My Agent". Subscribe, people. Subscribe.

Other Publishing Ins and Outs:

We love the ladies at The Blood-Red Pencil. This post, Charting the Novel Story Arc is excellent.

For those of you in the United States, have a fantastic Fourth of July

Elana Johnson writes science fiction and fantasy for young adults. Besides a serious addiction to the Internet, she can never get enough reality TV, Dove dark or reasons to laugh. Click here to visit her blog.

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Alyssa Kirk said...

I always appreciate the head's up on new agents! That is so helpful to those of us slogging through the querying process - A daunting task which you make easier through Query Tracker and the blog. Thanks!