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Friday, October 18, 2013

Publishing Pulse for 10/18/13

News from Around the Internet:

The week's biggest hubbub may be that the Kobo store took down all self published titles. Kobo has a rule against erotica, especially erotica themed on abuse. Discovering that some of the titles published on their platform violated this policy, the store took down all published titles while investigating. Other etailers also kicked out selected titles, hoping to purge the issue. There was much gnashing of teeth among indie authors over the disruption.

In more uplifting news, Forbes ran a piece on positive trends in the business of publishing.

Businessweek did a big article about the workings of Jeff Bezos and Amazon's rapid rise.

And there was much rejoicing over the study showing readers of romance were found to be more empathetic than the general population. (Note: your neighborhood statistics nerd always likes to point out that correlation does not equal causation. But read another romance novel anyway, because they're a whole lot of fun.)

Sarah Pinneo
is a novelist, food writer and book publicity specialist. Her most recent book is Julia’s Child. Follow her on twitter at @SarahPinneo.

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