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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Open Mic: Your Questions

Over the years, we’ve blogged about numerous topics related to writing, editing, agents, and the journey to publication, but maybe there’s something we haven’t covered (or haven’t covered in a while) that you’re curious to know more about. So today the QueryTracker Blog Team is taking your questions!

Need some writing advice?  Dying to ask someone that question nobody seems to be able to answer?

If you have any question you want answered, even if it's something subjective that solicits an opinion, throw it at us. We'll research and compile our answers for future posts.  (And if you have something urgent, let us know that in the Subject line -- we can triage if we need to!)

Email your questions to us at stinalindenblatt@QueryTracker.net!

We love our blog readers and are thrilled to have all of you with us. Our subscribership keeps growing and we are grateful for your support.

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