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Friday, June 12, 2009

Publishing Pulse: 6/12/09

New Agents on QueryTracker.net

Alyssa Reuben at the Paradigm Literary and Talent Agency represents all kinds of fiction and nonfiction (check the genres tab under her listing at QueryTracker.net!)

Mark McVeigh at The McVeigh Agency represents children's, MG, YA, literary and commercial fiction, and some nonfiction.

June Agent Contest

Mollie Glick of Foundry Literary + Media will be judging our June Agent Contest. She'll be looking at your 1-3 sentence elevator pitches, and winners will be asked to submit a partial to her. Be sure to check back here on Monday for all the details. The contest will open on midnight Monday and last until midnight on Tuesday!

News and Tips from Around the Web

Guest blogger Alex Sokoloff wrote a great post for Blood Red Pencil called Top Ten Things I Know About Editing.  At the bottom she includes a fantastic checklist of story elements.  "I use [these] both when I’m brainstorming a story on index cards, and again when I’m starting to revise. I find it invaluable to go through my first draft and make sure I’m hitting all of these points."  She has also written very extensively about these story elements on her own blog in the post Screenwriting Tricks for Authors.

Agent Kristin Nelson recently blogged about both what publishers are buying, and what they don't want.

Guide to Literary Agents has a nice interview with Wendy Burt-Thomas, the author of The Writer's Digest Guide to Query Letters.  She includes the top do's and don'ts in writing queries.

Amazon.com has launched Kindle Publishing for Blogs (beta version).  The idea is that people can pay to get their favorite blog feeds on their Kindles.  You can visit Amazon for more info on how to sell your blog feed this way; just be aware that Amazon gets 70% of the revenue (yikes!).

And finally -- did you know the oldest Twitterer is 104? Or that Twitter only retains 40% of the people who start using it?  Well...now you do! (*wink*)

Have a great weekend and we'll see you right here next week!

Dr. Carolyn Kaufman is a clinical psychologist and professor residing in Columbus, Ohio. A published writer, she runs Archetype Writing: Psychology for Fiction Writers and an associated blog. She is often quoted by the media as an expert resource. 


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