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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First 100 Words Category Romance Winners!

Congratulations to our three winners who received requests for full manuscript submission to Entangled Publishing, LLP based on their contest entries.

Ms. Howland said the entries were fantastic and it was a difficult decision to limit it to three writers. All of the winners have been contacted and have responded, giving us permission to name them.

So, in alphabetical order, here are our winners:

Samantha Joyce (New Adult)
Gillian Libby (Young Adult)
Mia Sosa (Contemporary)

If you entered, but were not selected, it does not preclude you from submitting to Entangled. It does not mean your work is not excellent; it just means it did not fit the current needs or interest of this particular editor. Other editors may be looking for a book just like yours.

Ms. Howland was impressed with the quality of the submissions and we are grateful she agreed to judge our contest. We are also appreciative of all of our entrants and the support of the QT community.

We will be hosting an agent-judged contest in October, so stay tuned.


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