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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

QT Category Romance Contest - Editor-Judged

NOTICE: Due to numerous requests, we have extended the contest until Sunday, August 17th at midnight to give people the opportunity to post over the weekend. Please spread the word. 

The contest is finally here! We are thrilled with the response to our previous announcements of this contest, which can be found HERE, HERE, and most recently, HERE.

The link to the contest form is at the bottom of this page, but please read this entire post first so that you submit correctly. 

Instructions for entrants (I'm not going to go over the criteria, etc, because that is all covered in the previous posts linked above.)

Entering is easy! You do not have to join QueryTracker. Fill out the form linked below and submit. Taa daa!

You may enter more than one work, but must fill out a separate form for each, not to exceed three entries.

Tips for submission and peculiarities of the form:

There is no advantage to submitting right when the contest opens. You have several days to submit.


Don't get hung up on formatting. Ms. Howland is looking for great ideas, voice, and execution. Formatting will not count against you because it's a text box, for goodness sake. Everyone will be equally limited.

Paragraph breaks:

That said, PUT YOUR TEXT IN BLOCK PARAGRAPHS--MEANING PUT A SPACE BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS. Indents won't work. Neither will italics etc. Format it like this post, with a space between paragraphs. Quotation marks and punctuation will work, just not indentation and font styles like Italics and bold.

Imprint designation:

After reading the imprint descriptions in the announcement post, you should have a good idea where your book fits. If you are unsure, list the one you think it fits best. Designate YA or NA if it is not for adults as well as the imprint.

Once more, this is not super intense. You will not be passed over because you put the wrong imprint or are unsure.

Completeness of book:

Though Ms. Howland prefers completed manuscripts, she will consider those not yet complete. Indicate in the correct box how many words you have completed and the projected word count.

That's it.

Double and triple check your work before you press send. Just like when you send a query or sample to an editor or agent through regular channels and not a contest, once it's sent, it's sent.

Please do not ask us to replace an entry unless something dire happened - like it was sent without a sample because your toddler ran his truck over the enter button while you put out the fire in the kitchen caused by the cat who figured out how to light the burner with matches. Dire. Like a section missing.

That stray comma or word you decide you should have changed before sending? We can't change it. Get it right before you send.

Do NOT contact Entangled Publishing or Ms. Howland directly regarding this contest. All questions should be directed though QueryTracker. The email is patrick@querytracker.net.

No previously published or self published works will be considered. Entangled is looking for new books that have not been out there already.

We are so excited Ms. Howland agreed to judge for us. Fingers crossed this will be the break you've been seeking. Good luck.

To enter the contest, click the following link: 


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