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Friday, May 30, 2014

Publishing Pulse for Friday May 30, 2014

Whoa! There is a bumper crop of QT success stories this week. Please join me in a digital round of R.A. Burrell, Merriam Saunders, Amber Mitchell, and Olivia Heinbaugh.
applause to these four QTers for landing an agent. If you click on a name, you can read each success story interview:

Around the web, everybody is talking about the standoff between Amazon and Hachette. The New York Times was the first paper to break the story, back in early May. This week, it's everywhere. The longest and widest ranging article is in The Atlantic. And because we're talking about publishing here, it's doom and gloom all around. Enjoy this article with copious grains of salt.

Yesterday, Publishers Weekly unveiled the beta version of Booklife, a site focusing on self-publishing. It's got potential. Check it out.

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www.roughwighting.net said...

My pulse is pounding with all the publishing news/gossip/standoffs happening right now. Can't say I understand it all, so I'm just sitting back, catching my breath, and letting it all calm down.