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Friday, March 28, 2014

Publishing Pulse for Friday March 28th

Happy Friday! Is it me, or was this a quiet week in publishing news? Keep in mind that the Bologna fair is happening now, which means a lot of agents are out of town. (I know, there's always something!)

This is a screenshot from Publisher's Weekly!
In bestseller land, the DIVERGENT books bubbled back to the top of the charts, the Hollywood effect driving sales. Here's a fun question to ponder while you decide which showing of the movie you'll see: when these books first came out, do you think they were most frequently read by girls? And when a book becomes a blockbuster movie, does that change? Are more boys reading it now, because the movie brought them into the fold? (My guess is "yes." But that's pure speculation.)

A U.K. paper reports that one nine year-old girl read 364 books in seven months. But does she leave Goodreads reviews? Inquiring minds want to know.

There's been a lot of chatter about author Anne Rice's petition to Amazon to compel reviewers to use their real names. Her goal is to stop author bullying via unfair reviews (wherein the reviewer has not actually read the book, or has a personal ax to grind against the author.) One problem with this idea (well argued over at Dear Author) is that authors are not required to use their real names, are they? Tricky!

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Stina said...

My teenage son refused to read Divergent. And then he saw the trailer....