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Friday, July 12, 2013

Publishing Pulse: 7/12/13

Success Stories

Wow, it's been a great week for QueryTracker users seeking representation! Gina X. GrantJen Estes, Jenna Lehne, Andrew Kozma, and Marcia Hoehne all have new Success Stories up over at QueryTracker.net. Check them out to find out what they did right!

Elana Johnson Giveaway Winners

Thanks for all the great comments on our interview with Elana--we enjoyed hearing about how the QueryTracker sites have helped you! We put the names of everyone who commented in a...well, okay, it wasn't a hat, we had to use a flowerpot, but I promise, it worked the same way. And the winners are:

Winner of a signed copy of Elana's novel Possession: Jamie Ayres!

Winner of a query critique from Elana: Mim (Miriam Caldwell)!

Would each of you please send me (Carolyn) an email using my QueryTracker.net address listed in the column to the right? Jamie, please include your snail address; Mim, I just need your email so I can connect you with Elana. Congratulations!

Around the Web

Jody Hedlund explains the difference between a book reviewer and an influencer--someone who's usually trying to help with the author's promotion of a new book.

Porter Anderson tackles some delicate issues regarding literary and genre fiction (notice that I did not say literary vs. genre fiction) in his detailed post Writing on the Ether: Time for Literary Fiction To Come Out of the Cloisters?

Do you use Twitter as part of your author platform? Should you? Jane Friedman looks at whether Twitter makes sense for most writers.

Over on The Creative Penn, Graham Storrs shares seven things he learned from his first book deal.

One of the things we all worry about as writers is that the reader will decide not to finish the book. This will make you feel better--it happens to JK Rowling and EL James, too. Find out why people abandon even bestselling writers' books.

A great post by Keith Cronin on why your job when you receive a critique is not to say "Yeah, but..." (i.e. make excuses). Find out what you need to do instead.

Have a great weekend and we'll see you next week!

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