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Friday, March 1, 2013

Publishing Pulse for March 1, 2013

New At QueryTracker:

This week we've added one agent profile and updated six (two of whom appear to be no longer agenting). Are you querying one of them? Always make sure you double-check every agent's website or Publisher's Marketplace page before sending your query.

If you're a QueryTracker premium member, then you can be notified whenever an agent or publisher profile is added or updated. If you're not a premium member, you can just check for yourself.

Publishing News:

Amazon warned users not to install the 3.6.1 update for the app if they read books on their phone or iPad. (They fixed the registration issues in 3.6.2.)  Apparently a glitch in the software was erasing users' entire libraries from their iOS devices. This sounds like a software engineering nightmare.

Despite what we'd all like to believe about promotion, recommendation by "a trusted friend" is the top reason people seem to choose the books they read.

Barnes & Noble Nook revenue is down 26%.

Around the Blogosphere:

Agent Kristin Nelson wants self-published authors to cozy right up to their copy of Excel.

The five biggest mistakes made by authors writing about the military.

Literary Quote of the Week:

Everything is held together with storeis. That is all that is holding us together, 
stories and compassion. -Barry Lopez

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Jane Lebak is the author of The Wrong Enemy. She has four kids, three cats, two books in print, and one husband. She lives in the Swamp and spends her time either writing books or ejecting stink bugs from the house. At Seven Angels, Four Kids, One Family, she blogs about what happens when a distracted daydreamer and a gamer geek attempt to raise four kids. If you want to make her rich and famous, please contact the riveting Roseanne Wells of the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency. 

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