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Friday, August 10, 2012

Publishing Pulse 8/10/2012

Agent Kristin Nelson discusses going through 68 queries in 60 minutes.

Author Mette Ivie Harrison has two excellent articles. The first discusses 21 different types of plot shapes for different types of stories. The second is a short checklist of things to think about when creating a magic system.

On Writing on the Ether, Porter Anderson has a great round up of links dealing with rewriting, bestsellers, and more on the DOJ statement.

Author/editor Kristine Rusch has been running a series on what she considers deal breakers in contracts (scroll down to the very bottom of the post for these) and her latest deals with the importance of understanding what you're signing in both publishing and agency contracts with respect to agency clauses.

The publishing industry tends towards a more sedentary lifestyle, and author Christina Katz has started a Facebook group to help change that. Check out Writers on the Move where you can both share and inspire others when it comes to getting exercise. (via Galleycat)

The Atlantic posits the question: Why do female authors dominate young adult fiction?

Finally, if you use an e-reader, there's a good chance that your e-book is reading you. The Wall Street Journal discusses the various ways e-book distributors can track what you're reading, how fast you're reading, and how far you get before you stop reading.

Have a great week end!

Danyelle Leafty| @danyelleleafty writes YA and MG fantasy. She is the author of The Fairy Godmother Dilemma series (CatspellFirespellApplespell, and Frogspell), and Slippers of Pearl, and can be found on her blog. She can also be found on Wattpad.

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