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Friday, January 13, 2012

Publishing Pulse for January 13, 2012

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Congratulations to our newest success stories, Courtney Pippin-MathurBarbara Longley, and Tara Dairman!

Five agent profiles were updated this week, including one agent who opened her own agency. Please make sure you double-check every agent's website or Publisher's Marketplace page before querying. If you're a QueryTracker member (membership is free) then you can be notified whenever an agent or publisher is added or updates their profile.

Publishing News:

A study shows that three- to six-year-old children prefer reading ebooks to print books. (Speaking as a parent who has seen what a three-year-old does to print books, my kid's not getting his hands on my e-reader. I'm just saying.)

Open Road Media and HarperCollins are still fighting it out over digital rights to decades-old works.

Some Amazon.com authors see a huge growth in royalties due to library lending.

Around the Blogosphere:

So how do you know you're growing as a writer? Maybe you have no idea where your thesaurus went, and you don't care.

Writer Beware discusses how to vet a PR service for your book.

Agent Janet Reid offers to answer quick how-to questions about the querying process.

Agent Rachelle Gardner discusses those pesky deadlines, especially how to deal with the deadline you're not going to make.

Dialogue is great, but Agent Kristin Nelson cautions against over-reliance on dialogue.

Literary Quote of the Week:
"...you have to allow yourself the liberty of writing poorly. You have to get the bulk of it done, and then you start to refine it. You have to put down less than marvelous material just to keep going to whatever you think the end is going to be—which may be something else altogether by the time you get there." -Larry Gelbart

Jane Lebak is the author of The Guardian (Thomas Nelson, 1994), Seven Archangels: Annihilation (Double-Edged Publishing, 2008) and The Boys Upstairs (MuseItUp, 2010). At Seven Angels, Four Kids, One Family, she blogs about what happens when a distracted daydreamer and a gamer geek attempt to raise four children. She is represented by the riveting Roseanne Wells of the Marianne Strong Literary Agency.


Victoria Lindstrom said...

Thanks for the great resource, Jane!

Angela Brown said...

Great references. And I had to add, I'm with you on handing over an e-reader to a three year old. After what happened to certain Little Golden Books...not happening.

Carolyn Kaufman | @CMKaufman said...

Love the info on kids and e-books! And LOL on your kids and the e-reader! :)