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Friday, January 21, 2011

Publishing Pulse: 1/21/11

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Recent QueryTracker Success Stories

Congratulations to our members who signed with agents this week. All the QT success stories can be checked out here.

QTer Michelle Mclean's first book, Essays & Term Papers, was released yesterday! Congratulations Michelle! 

New Agents Added to the QueryTracker Database

Several new agents and publishers have been added to or updated on the QT Database recently. Check out the box labeled "New and Updated Listings" on the front page of the main QueryTracker.Net site and view their profiles for website links and genres they represent.

Tips, News & Other Interesting Info from Around the 'Net

Literary agent Janet Reid explains the difference between "pitch" and "query" on her blog. 

Guest blogger Mary Demuth lists 10 ways to be awkward at a writer's conference on literary agent Rachelle Gardner's blog. 

Nathan Bransford once blogged about how sometimes writers' fantasies of success can be detrimental and here is an article from Psyblog backing that up called Success! Why Expectations Beat Fantasies. 

Author Sarah Sundin gives practical tips on how to increase productivity and tame time on the Novel Journey blog. 

You can read an editor's take on the how and why of pre-publication changes over on the Behler Blog. 

Online Conference: It's now registration time for the Catholic Writers Conference Online, which anyone can join (You do not have to be Catholic). It's free and there will be editors and agents to pitch in addition to classes on a variety of topics, many of which have to do with the craft of writing. And...QT's very own Jane Lebak will be teaching two workshops there. One is a short story workshop with a limited membership, and one is a workshop on how to write an awesome query. 

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend.



Stina said...

Thanks for the links, Mary. Can't wait to check them out!

Carolyn Kaufman | @CMKaufman said...

Congratulations to Michelle, and Jane's workshops look very cool! And I love that we just have more and more success stories!