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Friday, November 19, 2010

Publishing Pulse: 11/19/2010

Possibly prompted by the recent Open Mic Monday, I've seen some comments recently asking about whether we could post on particular topics.  By all means, if you have a suggestion, send us a (polite) email!  I (Carolyn) seem to be the one collecting topics--and you can find my email over there in the right-hand column.

Around the Internet

Over on Novel Journey, Athol Dickson talks about the perils of writing about faith (which for her meant Christianity) in a genuine way.

Are you a procrastinator?  Pimp My Novel offers some tips to help you push through it!

Adventures in Children's Publishing gives you practical steps to write through the kind of doubt that produces writer's block, page dread, and procrastination.

Ever wonder what freelance business writers make?  Quips and Tips shares some rates for those of you who have considered doing a little freelance business writing of your own.

Carolyn Kaufman, PsyD writes fantasy, scifi, and nonfiction. She loves helping writers "get their psych right" in their stories, and her book on the same topic, THE WRITER'S GUIDE TO PSYCHOLOGY: How to Write Accurately About Psychological Disorders, Clinical Treatment, and Human Behavior is now available for pre-order. Learn more about the book at the WGTP website or ask your own psychology and fiction question here.

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Martina Boone said...

Thanks so much for the mention, Carolyn! And I can't wait to check out these other great links.