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Friday, February 12, 2010

Publishing Pulse: 2/12/2010

Probably thanks to the double snowstorm here in the Northern US, it's been kind of a slow week out there in publishing. Still, we've got a few gems for you!

New Agents

Dorothy Spencer at the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency is looking for general fiction and nonfiction.

Great Stuff Around the Web

Rachelle Gardner explains the importance of Craft, Story, and Voice in hooking an agent.

Kerrie Flanagan,the director of Northern Colorado Writers, talks about the ever-popular topic of pitching an agent at a conference.

Elana Johnson (our own Query Ninja!) was featured on Market My Words, telling us which Five Things to Avoid When Querying.


Stina said...

Great links as usual. Have a great weekend!

Brooklyn Ann said...

New agents rock! Elana J's blogs rock! Rachelle Gardner rocks! Conferences rock! But most of all, QueryTracker rocks!
I'm having a great day and I hope you all are too.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I'm bummed that you guys are stealing our snow. We've been deprived it seems this year. Thanks for the links!