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Monday, February 23, 2009

Note to Self: Using Private Notes on QueryTracker.net

This week's feature is simple, yet fun. And it can help you keep track of something you've done...or in my case, not done. There is an embarrassing story behind this, but luckily that's saved in my private notes on QueryTracker. kenyit

Okay, so you have to go to your query list. This is totally easy. Click on LITERARY AGENTS, then MY QUERY LIST. (After logging in, of course.)

Now, let's just say that I've received a request in a non-traditional manner from Elana Roth. (Yes, I chose her cuz she has a cool name.) To keep track of this, I can also write myself a little note. All I have to do is click on the "Add Note" link.

In the little window that opens, I can leave myself a note. On whatever I want. It's private. So even if I forget to do something (hypothetically, of course), no one else needs to know.

I often write myself notes on queries I've sent. Little things like, "Usually responds within a week" or "Has a cool interview at [website]" or even "Mailed on 2/13/09 with USPS tracking number, XXX".

You can also make notes on agents you haven't queried yet. Blog posts of theirs you like. Books they've said they enjoyed or wished they repped. Response times. Who else they represent. Anything you want to be able to access at the push of a button. And since we all know that research before querying is essential, I hope you start using the private notes to organize your research efforts.

Don't forget! Tomorrow Dr. Dyer is answering your medical fiction questions. If you haven't emailed her yet, you still can (hldyer@querytracker.net). See post here for more details.


Suzette Saxton said...

Fantastic post, Elana. I, too, love the private notes. They make it so easy to stay organized!

Anne Louise Bannon said...

I've been using private notes for a while now, and really like the feature. But I'm starting to query on a second manuscript, and I was thinking of using the private notes to keep track of agents I've already queried. Only if I make the note under manuscript A, when I pull up the agent under manuscript B, there is no note.

Is there a better way to do this than two searches for a given agent - one under each manuscript?

Anne Louise Bannon

Patrick said...

Hi Anne Louise. I'll take your question.

Notes and status icons are only shown for one MS at a time. But now that you mention it, I see how it could be handy to see across the MS boundary. I'll see what I can do about adding something to help.